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Advantage Business Exchange Directory

Mission Statement:  The Advantage Business Exchange [ABX] provides a trusted one-stop venue for all of our commercial, institutional, and government clients by enabling direct access to premium resources to facilitate and enhance all of their various business activities.  All of our services, programs, and products are fully vetted for our clients’ assurance that they are receiving the finest resources befitting their specific needs.  

By identifying, certifying, and making available the key resources of our Advantage companies and affiliates in our ABX Directory, we 
are able to support a worldwide network of sales agents, as well as provide a more universally accessible resource for our current sales groups.  

We continue to build a full ABX Directory of the premium offerings that are made available by our various ABX Members.  The ABX Directory’s Smart Card format and accompanying website allow us to effectively communicate everything that ABX has available to sell and how to actually sell it.  The Smart Card provides what the ABX Agent needs to know in order to make marketing and sales possible by detailing the certification process, the value proposition, the contact process [subject matter experts], the marketing process, the ABX Agent authorization process, the sales process, the client engagement process, the fulfillment process, the payment process, and the commission process of every service and offering that ABX provides.

The ideal ABX Agent should have existing relationships as a trusted advisor within their customer base.  Their ability to leverage these relationships to get more bites out of the apple will enable them to sell the ABX Resources to their clients.  The ABX Agent is responsible for cultivating opportunities through their existing network.  When the ABX Agent creates an introduction that in turn generates a business opportunity for an ABX Resource, the ABX Agent will be commissioned a percentage of the resulting paid business.  

All of the commissions on sales generated by ABX Agents for the goods and services made available by our ABX members are distributed amongst the listing ABX Agent, the ABX Sales Agent, and ABX [the house].

We have a basic outline for commissions throughout the ABX network of agents.  For example, the current commission program at Giancarlo’s for events and catering is 5% for the booking and 5% for the planning and execution.  We have an extra 5% for ABX for the booking, which ABX would split with the ABX Agent who did the booking based on their ABX Agent Status.  This would mean that the ABX Agent who did the booking would get the initial 5% booking commission, plus some share of the additional 5% paid to ABX based on their agent status.  Furthermore, the ABX Agent who did the initial booking would continue to earn commissions on future bookings provided they meet certain criteria, not the least of which is continuing to book new clients for Giancarlo’s every quarter.  

ABX agents and affiliates will be able to take advantage of our ABX presentation and Office HQ spaces through monthly and annual rentals.  Throughout the ABXCenter there will initially be 12 presentation displays available for rental on a monthly or yearly basis.  The presentation spaces will vary in size, but the prototypical display will be 6’ x 6’ and have a 40” LCD monitor.   ABX will also provide a shared website, blog, various social media, and catalog resources for all of our agents and affiliates.

The 4 Advantage Business Exchange Revenue Streams


  • Wall Presentations
  • ABX Exchange Desks
  • The Advantage Catalog

National Offices

  • Brick and Mortar
  • Virtual from the ABX Resource Library

Local Sales of Goods and Services

  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Institution

National Sales of Goods and Services

  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Institution