iWorld Staffing

More bites out of the apple

iWorld Staffing (IWS) membership helps you offer best in class goods and services to your client base, offering our extensive and populated resource library, including access on your own iWolrd Staffing website. iWorld Staffing is a leading global provider of best in class products and services.  iWorld’s fully vetted and certified Advantage Business Exchange Resource library is comprised of couture products and best in class professional services, represented by the world's leading subject matter experts. IWS promotes, sells, and delivers the finest products and services to corporate, government, institutional, and non profit organizations throughout the world.

iWorld Staffing members enjoy access to every product, resource, and service that the Advantage Business Exchange has to offer. We provide a unique and eclectic mix of staffing, e-Discovery tools, couture corporate gifts,  cyber security products, cloud computing, and diversity programs. . Learn how to wring additional value from your clients and valued relationships with being a subscribing member to iWorld Staffing. You’ll have the opportunity to access and offer world class products, matching your clients needs with accessibility of world class resources.