We  invite you to be a member of the Advantage Business Exchange (ABX) Resource Library. We view your company and its product offerings as best in class and would like to make your products available to our ABX Sales agents. Our ABX agents will be pre-qualified by our board of directors and you, to be certified to sell your goods and services to our client base, both in the local market, and around the world where applicable. We currently have offices throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Once you fill out the attached questionnaire, we'd like to meet and discuss a suitable commission schedule in the event our sales team is able to bring more business to your company. To register online please fill out the attached questionnaire at 

 As a certified and vetted member of our ABX Resource Library, you will receive:

  1. Access to our ABX sales agent Network
  2. Visibility on our ABX website’s resource library of offerings
  3. Membership in our CENTO Club and many benefits
  4. ​A listing in our annual catalog and website, which showcases all of our product offerings. We distribute 40,000 printed catalogs on an annual basis.  You can view our annual catalog at​ http://advantageexperience.com/catalog/2017/ 

About The Advantage Business Exchange

Since 1978, The Advantage Business Exchange provides a trusted one-stop venue for all of our commercial, institutional, and government clients by enabling direct access to premium resources to facilitate and enhance all of their various business activities. All of our services, programs, and products are fully vetted for our client’s assurance that they are receiving the finest resources befitting their specific needs.

 By identifying, certifying, and making available the key resources of our Advantage companies and affiliates in our ABX Resource Library, we are developing a worldwide network of sales agents as well as providing a more universally accessible resource for our current sales groups.

Advantage Company Products

Advantage Brands
​Advantage Woodshop
CENTO Club Membership
Fashion Resource Group
Giancarlo's Corporate Catering and Events
​Greenview Landscaping
Grivani Corporate Gift Giving
iWorldShopping Center

​Never Lose a Sale
​Photography and Videography 
​Poster Printing by Hub

Seamstress Services
The Advantage Catalog Co.
The Advantage Trade Group
The Christian Co-Op
The College Rep Program
The College Rep Program
TW&Co Charter Stores
VOIP Phones
White Box Service

​​Professional Services


Advantage Gallery
Advantage Global Network
Advantage Global Network Offices Worldwide * Since our inception 20 years ago, we have launched 10 offices
Advantage Global Resources
AP Professionals
Capax Archive Solutions
Capax Global
CISO Sentinal

Distribution and Logistics
FedCloud Resources
Inspired Global Resources
Inspired Global Staffing
iWorld Fundraising
iWorld Professionals
iWorld Staffing Partner Program - Fee $10,000
Matrimonial Law
Professional Golf Instruction
Property Management
Property tax assessments
Smart Squad Design
Third Party ​Fulfillment 
​Walker Global M and A
Walker Sports Audit

Third Party Resource Library members

​Employee Leasing
​Energy Sourcing
​Executive Coaching
Fleet Leasing
HR Consulting
Lawley Insurance
Mass Mutual
​Non Profit Consulting
Payroll Service
PC Training
​The College Confidence Coach
Victory Technology Center

Skilled Trades

Automobile Detail

​Basement Waterproofing

Carpet Laying
Home Building
Home Inspection

Home Remodeling

Professional Services

The ABX Smart Card Program

For more information about ABX

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